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History of Fashion Week to the Great Extent

The first fashion week was held in New York in 1943, with the main purpose to distract from the French fashion during World War II. Workers in the fashion industry during this time were unable to travel so many designers in the United States decided to host their own show in the U.S. Fashion week was then born, Eleanor Lambert organized the first fashion week and it was call “Press Week”. Press Week can thank Vogue magazine for making the week a great success. During this week Vogue began to feature more American more than the usual French work that they usually showed. As Vogue did this they cause a great fashion wave all over the United State, people realized that they could find great fashions in the United States sooner than if they had to wait for the fashions to come to the United States.

Until 1994 different designer shows were held at different locations, but a set accident at a Michael Kors show made the fashion week counsel change the location of fashion week and it was moved to Bryan Park. Fashion week remained at Bryant Park until 2010 when it was then relocated to Lincoln Center.

Eleanor Lambert was not the first to hold a fashion show in America, in 1903 in New York City a shop call Ehrich Brothers was thought to have put on the country’s very first fashion show to get middle class women to shop at their store. By 1910 many department stores were following this trend to draw in more customers. Stores got the ideas for fashion shows based on fashion parades in Paris. These shows were a great way to promote stores and to get designers names out into the world for them to become who they are today.

By the 1920s fashion parades and shows were happening all over the country by retailers, large department stores and small mom and pop shops were jumping at the chance to hold a show. Many shows were held in the stores restaurant during brunch or tea time, when women were most likely to be at the stores having a snack after a long morning of shopping. The theme of the shows were singular and were very dramatic and theatrical than those of the shows done today. Each show was presented with a narrative commentary that told the audience what they were looking at, what material is was made out of and they tried to sell the looks the best they could to the women of the middle and upper classes. As the fashion parades became more popular they started to bring in more and more crowds of people, starting in the 1950s any place that was indoors needs to obtain a permit to have live models for the show because of all the people that would come to the shows.

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Phuket Vacations Will Proffer You Divine Bliss

When it comes to holidays and vacations, every individual needs one once in a while as all work and no play can make any one a dull and lifeless being. Populaces worldwide find themselves at the end of their wits when choosing the perfect holiday destination. In such milieus, one name that stands out in the crowd is Phuket.Phuket is the largest Island in the country of Thailand and is abode of many an intricate yet exquisite beach. It is also a blissful sight to watch the setting sun in the backdrop of gleaming lagoons and lush palms. Some of the most sought after activities to pursue are golfing and scuba diving. Phuket holiday is a state of affair to look forward to as the sheer magnificence and elegance of Phuket Vacations will undeniably sweep you off your feet.The numerous beaches on this incredible island will also astound you to great lengths. Phuket is aptly termed the pearl of Thailand and is a traveler’s paradise. If the tourist is a keen golfer, he/ she might never want to come back from the Phuket vacations as this island is home to four awe inspiring and stunning golf courses. They are Phuket Country Club (the most stupendous and the biggest of them all), Mission Hills Golf Club, Laguna Phuket Golf Club and Blue Canyon Club.This southern province of Thailand is also renowned for its affluent and colorful culture. This augmented with the warmth and hospitality of the natives; make Phuket Holiday a cherished memory which will leave a lasting impression on the back of the minds of those visiting it. Snorkelling, Water skiing and wind surfing are some of the other adventure activities which you can indulge in when passing time in Phuket Vacations. This wonderful place is also legendary for its white sand beaches which are very delightful and gorgeous.In these advanced times of technological expansion and avant garde gadgets, people have started making use of the World Wide Web to lay their hands on some pretty hot deals when it comes to Phuket holiday. This is the best place to spoil yourself, you can even pamper yourself with the spas which will rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. The night life of Phuket is a thing to look forward to as it adds life and diversity to the already enticing time there. There is every reason you can make your Phuket Holiday an out of this world experience, not only for you but your entire family.There are however certain considerations which should never be neglected when it comes to Phuket Vacations. The sheer diversity that Phuket has to offer will put you at your wit’s end and you will find yourself stranded at cross roads when deciding what to do first. Doing a bit of intricate research on the World Wide Web will definitely be a big plus as you will lay your hands upon some great resources which will escalate your know how and acquaintance pertaining to Phuket vacations.

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